5 of the best Google Chrome Extensions To Try Right Now

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5 of the best Google Chrome Extensions to try right now

Chrome extensions serve a variety of purposes but this list will speed up & optimise your workflow. Each extension listed can either vastly speed up your workflow or serve

Strict Workflow

Strict Workflow

For anyone who suffers from procrastination or needs help focusing on tasks. The strict workflow time management strategy forces you to focus on your work for 25 minutes. After the 25 minutes are finished you can have 5 minutes to unwind and spend time on social media etc. The extension is pre-loaded with a list of popular distracting websites and you can add more websites or add a ‘whitelist’ of websites you’re only allowed to visit during that time period.

Once the timer is started you can’t undo it without uninstalling the extension or restarting the browser.

If time management and optimisation is your thing then you might also be interested in ‘Rescuetime‘ which is software you can finely tune to completely optimise and monitor your productivity over days/ weeks/months.

Mozbar from Moz


Moz helps makes the SEO market more transparent and this extension is another example of this. The Mozbar extension allows you to research website SEO on the go.

  • Allows you to create custom searches by engine, country, region or city
  • Quickly check page authority or domain authroity of any domain.
  • Access & compare link metrics across pages while viewing any SERP
  • Find and highlight keywords and differenitate links by type
  • Expose page elements, general attributes, markup and http status
  • Export results to CSV file

These are just the free features & the premium offers much more insight. Useful for any quick research



Not useful for everyone but if you’re into content marketing or video creation. VidIQ offers fantastic analytics for quickly analysing trends, video SEO and how video growth is occurring.

5 of the best Google Chrome Extensions To Try Right Now


As with most of the extensions here it offers a very useful free version & a more in-depth version with advanced analytics such as historical and trending. The free version lets you check what people are tweeting about the video and basic usage statistics.

5 of the best Google Chrome Extensions To Try Right Now


Boomerang for gmail

Regardless of what industry you work in, chances are if you’re looking up productivity apps you’ll love this one. Boomerang allows you to reschedule emails to make it look like you’re a normally functioning human being. So instead of your client or partner seeing you replying to emails at 3 am in the morning, you can schedule the emails to be sent at 8 am instead! Or it could be used to look like you’re working when you’re not… The possibilities are endless.

Followup – The personal CRM for Gmail

Followup CRM

Available as free and includes premium options. Followup is a very useful CRM tool if you primarily use Gmail. You can check vital information such as the last few conversations you’ve had with this person, easily check the last time you contacted this person and set reminders of when to follow up with a limited amount of logic conditions built in. All in an easy to use and simplified non-obtrusive dashboard

Disagree with the list? Feel free to add your recommendations in the comments