How to make your website your best employee

How to make your website your best employee

How to make your website your best employee


As business owners managing income & expenses of your business is among the fundamentals of the job.

So why is it then many business owners neglect the investment of a good website which will do the job of many employees 24 hours, 7 days a week? A good website will become your best employee

The answer is most go for the cheapest option or fail to ensure the right things are being implemented

If you ask for a website with the average web designer you’ll get just that – a website. Basically an online brochure for your business. Most commonly I’ve seen clients come across from web designers who’ve designed them a beautiful website but left them with no idea how to edit the various sections of the website to update information, quickly leading to an out of date website as the business progresses, no website service package plan/content plan to make up for this



Secretary – Meet AA – analytics & automation

With automation you can transfer new leads automatically to CRM services from your website, automate replies and follow up with potential leads days/weeks later. Transfer new leads from contact forms to your newsletters and much more! You can track with analytics, user ids who your best customers are. Which marketing campaigns are showing measurable returns on your business via conversion rate or if you choose to run adverts, you can see what adverts are converting.

All Creative Wavelength websites come with google analytics tracking code installed from the start, along with advanced e-Commerce tracking for all e-Commerce packages. Automation is custom tailored per business. Analytics is vital for any digital success, afterall – how can you make informed decisions without being informed? Creative Wavelength is also Google certified – so you know you’re getting the best advice.

Additionally depending on your website and services required you can save even more time, your restaurant could take its table, seat bookings online specifically designed for your floorplan. Your photography tour service can take bookings and give automated replies letting the customer know their deposit has been received and automated replies informing them they need to make the full payment, with notifications to you informing when these have been made.



Spinning sign guy – Meet Local SEO 

If your website is brick and mortar, local SEO is a huge must for your business. Yet it’s not always offered. Your customer is almost certainly looking for the best of your industry on their mobile. If your website and brand aren’t mobile optimised you stand to miss out on this tech-savvy user. If your business is online only, only through SEO and digital marketing can you grow your traffic online.

For more on our SEO and website services offered click here



Marketing – meet blog posts & social media

Content marketing is one of the hottest marketing techniques in 2017. The idea and principle are simple, you’re an industry leader – people want to hear your thoughts on related subjects or what you’re selling. Your modern consumer has been swamped with adverts for so long that most just blank them out. This isn’t to say your blog posts should just sell, sell, sell, however. A golden ratio of 80% content – 20% sales related should ensure that traffic and active users continue to flock to your website. Which if it’s nicely laid out, should result in more sales & foot traffic anyway.

In addition, you can automate your posts, spend one day writing a bunch of posts  (or hire someone else to do it for you – there are some seriously affordable options) then schedule them for the peak times your users are online. Our service plans will also analyse this for you! Finally, with automation, you can have these posts distributed on social media at the same time without having to log in or create any more posts. Neat eh?




Sales – meet eCommerce

Sales are the bottom line really, while your website is unlikely to replicate the high performer in your company who lives and breathes cold calling & closing – at least not for a while at least. It will give a considerable boost to your business done right and more importantly, help your sales team with interested customers – creating new opportunities & closing down the time needed for the finished deal.

How can your website do this?

  • eCommerce – Actual sales generated purely on your brand and website. Analytics & advertising campaigns definitely help here, however, it’s more than possible to have a successful eCommerce website purely from organic traffic. You just need the right market and SEO. How do we know this? We’ve done it.
  • Generate new leads with landing pages. Have a website landing page with tempting offers, the promise of a discount or just sell your product or service beautifully, with a form with contact information included and you’ve got a great shot at closing down a sale.


If you’re interested in making your new website your best employee – drop me a message on the contact form here!