If your website isn't mobile optimised - you could be losing out on as much as 70% of potential customers by 2020

The case for m-Commerce

Smartphones are now a major player in the online space, mobile use exceeded PC use last year. To those in the know, this is no surprise, we've been expecting it for quite some time as with modern mobiles becoming more powerful and mobile data speeds catching up to even WiFi speeds.

Given that it's estimated that 48% of online sales are impulse, how many sales do you think your business is potentially losing out on by having a non mobile responsive website or worse, no online e-Commerce functionality. There are free tools from google to check if your website is mobile responsive here.

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Did you know?

B2B websites generally have more desktop traffic than mobile, however websites that target the general public will mostly see over 50%-70% mobile traffic.

Companies that rely on small impulse purchases can't afford to ignore mobile in 2018 and beyond.


If your website isn't mobile optimised it will negatively affect your google search ranking (Poor SEO).

You can test if your website is mobile responsive by clicking on the button below.

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Since May 2016, Google actively ranks websites based on their mobile responsiveness.

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All websites designed by Creative Wavelength are designed for mobile, tested extensively & work great on all devices. The best part? It's at no extra charge! The proof is in the analytic pudding - you're losing money and customers if you don't cater for mobile customers. 

So why wait? The cost of modernising won't be as expensive as you'd think and we offer great affordable maintenance plans also to ensure you're not having to pay for a new website every few years and that your website is secure from outside threats. 

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