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Alternative Visions is a photo-tour and workshop partnership comprised of royal photographic society member Trevor Cole and businessman / well-known landscape photographer AshleyKydd. The pair has combined their talents to ensure the best experience possible for their customers as the photo tours are not only highly educational for budding amateur photographers but also very unique as they benefit from the vastexperience of hands on experience of the pair.

Alternative Visions approached Creative Wavelength after having previously had a website designed for them which upon investigation, didn’t meet their needs, they were unable to update the sections of the website that they needed to in order to keep their content up to date and their SEO was suffering.

We sat and discussed how we could improve upon the design, the previous website was primarily text which considering the pair specialise photography didn’t make sense! So we began formulating a design and plan which would highlight their work whilst keeping enough text for SEO purposes.


responsive gallery and booking website

The gallery functionality of the website is fully mobile responsive and loads fast considering the hundreds of visibly high-quality images. We use special software to compress the images whilst maintaining the high standards of quality which is available on any Creative Wavelength website or service plan.

The gallery is also split into sections so the user can load and preview only certain sections without leaving to go to another page or without further wait and loading time. This ensures the best user experience and again is only possible through the image compression service.

Booking website functionality

The functionality of the website includes a booking system, once a booking option is available the content displays in the relative areas of the website. Including the book now section, i.e a trip abroad would be included in the book now section as well as the international tours page.

The booking functionality includes features such as a minimum amount of persons required for a trip to go ahead as well as a maximum number of available persons allowed on the trip. The customer receives front end feedback which displays whether trips are available or not.

At the time of writing, there are no tours available as the pair are focusing on a 3-5 year stage of planning to ensure the trips are of the best quality.

If you’re a photographer looking for a quality website to showcase your work contact us for a free consultation. Likewise, if you’re looking for a booking system you can contact us or check out another booking system we put in place for SoireeSpas



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