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The Donegal Derry Vipers are an American Football team based in Drumahoe Northern Ireland. American Football whilst being the fastest growing sport in Ireland, is still unknown as a local sport played to the majority of the public. The Donegal Derry Vipers were established in 2015 and since then have grown to be one of the most advertised and well known teams in the league due to repeated self promotion and a close relationship between the Donegal Derry Vipers committee and Creative Wavelength. Eye catching banners and designs are part of the sponsorship agreement. One highlight in the past 3 years was the 1st ever game held in Donegal at Coláiste Ailigh, after a large advertising drive the game broke team records for fan turnout.


Coláiste Ailigh 1

Coláiste Ailigh year 1

For a secondary sport, the turnout was a huge success and the follow up a year later would prove that the continued efforts of the advertising team had established a true fan base and retained loyalty from the locals.

Coláiste Ailigh the following year

Coláiste Ailigh the following year

Also vital being a secondary sport is reaching out to and recruiting new players each year. Last years recruitment drive was a huge success with promotional posters spread throughout Donegal & Derry as well as an online advertising spree on social media on the ddvipers Facebook & twitter.

With the right marketing and professional graphics, any team can attract new fans. We offer very reasonable rates to small sports teams for the design costs and will sort printing too delivered to your door if you don't have a local printer that meets your needed requirements.

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Also included in the sponsorship package was the design of the website and hosting. You can visit the Donegal Derry Vipers website live here or read up on the portfolio piece here.


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