Rodrigo Moraes – Maui Wedding Photographer – Photography SEO

Rodrigo Moraes - Photography SEO

Rodrigo Moraes - Maui Wedding Photographer - Photography SEO

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Case Study – Rodrigo Moraes – Photography SEO project

New business & contacts can happen at any given moment. Creative Wavelengths SEO work with Rodrigo Moraes began with a conversation prior to a Belfast to London flight talking about website frustrations.

Despite having phenomenal photography talent and a good deal of past clients and regularly networking across the world – Rodrigo was still struggling to rank for some key terms like Maui Wedding Photographer & Maui Elopement photographer. This was in spite of the fact he had spent a good amount of time and making a really good effort of designing his website to look amazing. The problem Rodrigo was having, was with SEO – which he self-confessed was like a maze that he gave up on – though not for a lack of trying.

Photography SEO can be difficult especially for DIY’ers attempting – Mostly because Photographers are extremely creative people who don’t approach their website from a logical standpoint. They already have the content to amaze their viewers once they arrive but getting them on the website to begin with – now that’s the challenge. Rodrigo had already done some aspects of his off-site SEO well in having an active and well maintained Facebook & Instagram account.

What makes Photography SEO often more difficult than other websites and businesses is the reliance on the content to sell the service. You can’t over optimise the images or ruin the quality or you’d be ruining the chance of selling to the potential client. You also can’t not optimise the photos as that puts a huge strain on the server regardless of website package, so we used the best industry photo compression software to fine tune the results for functionality & aesthetics

However, his website lacked some key on-site SEO work – including being not secured with https, huge page time loading & website page sizes (15.4mb) – now reduced to 4.1mb (with more convincing and fine-tuning left to be done)

Month 1

The SEO plan is currently in month 1 of 6 and already Rodrigo has moved from the 4th page to the 1st for “Maui Elopement Photographer” and went from not even being in the top 50 of “Maui Wedding Photographer” to the 4th page.

Of course, SEO takes time but by this time next year – I’d be willing to bet he ranks 1st for both of those terms and as the proof shows, SEO works, when it’s done right

Month 3

Maui Elopement photographer has remained in the top 5 results consistently since we started with minor flucations but Rodrigo is enjoying the fruits of having such a key search term in the top 5 already. ‘Maui Wedding Photographer’ is now in the upper half of the 2nd page for Google USA & USA mobile which has been consistent progress.

Rodrigo has had numerous visitors comment on his improved website speed & SEO improvement, proving that your users notice improvements made to speed & overall user experience.

Need Photography SEO done for your website?

Whether you have an established website and are having similar problems Rodrigo has had or are looking for a new website made from start to finish to including the fundamental SEO work done that you need to rank on the modern web – You’ve come to the right place.

Just get in contact and I’ll be happy to jump on a call to discuss further


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