Website packages step 1


Package picked, deposit paid

Once you've picked a suitable package and paid either the upfront deposit or in full. The website service begins. We'll be in contact with your email / phone provided to discuss the steps outlined below!
Website packages step 1


Content transferred to us

Using google drive, email, usb pen or whatever appropriate!
Website packages step 1


Design / Functional work begins

Domain & Hosting created. 1 year of free hosting begins from this date. SSL is installed. Temporary landing page created. Website goes through design according to client specification.

Website packages step 1


Analytics / Feedback / Testing

Client feedback on design, any necessary changes are made, Website is extensively tested on mobile devices. Analytics are implemented.


Project completion

If unpaid, remaining amount is paid. Website is made live. Celebrations and extensive excited posting on social media channels commences!
[cs_eacs_testimonial_slider max_visible_items=”1″ max_visible_items_tablet=”1″ max_visible_items_mobile=”1″ slide_to_scroll=”1″ auto_play=”true” loop=”true” pause_hover=”true” draggable=”true” variable_width=”true” slide_spacing=”10px” slide_nav_color=”#fff” slide_nav_bg_color=”#333″ add_border=”false” logo_border_width=”1″ logo_border_color=”#000″ slide_alignment=”eacs-testimonial-slide-default” pagination_type=”none” pagination_position=”normal” _order=”0″][cs_eacs_testimonial_item show_avatar=”false” rounded_image=”false” image_border_color=”#000″ image_border_width=”0″ image_margin=”10px” testimonial_user_name=”Mark Sheppard” testimonial_user_company=”WeekerTees” testimonial_user_text_color=”#000″ testimonial_user_company_text_color=”#000″ testimonial_quotation_mark_color=”#ddd” heading=”Mark Sheppard” title=”Mark”]

Having commissioned David for several design jobs in the past I would have no trouble recommending him to another small business owner. Technical knowledge along with valuable E-Commerce experience really helped fine tune our new online sales outlet.

[/cs_eacs_testimonial_item][cs_eacs_testimonial_item show_avatar=”true” image_width=”150px” rounded_image=”true” image_border_color=”#000″ image_border_width=”2″ image_margin=”10px 1 10px 0″ testimonial_user_name=”Alastair Crown” testimonial_user_company=”Corndale Farm” testimonial_user_text_color=”#000″ testimonial_user_company_text_color=”#000″ testimonial_quotation_mark_color=”#ddd” heading=”Alastair Crown” title=”Corndale Farm”]Can highly recommend David Vaughan and Creative Wavelength for website design and maintenance.
[/cs_eacs_testimonial_item][cs_eacs_testimonial_item show_avatar=”true” image_width=”150px” rounded_image=”true” image_border_color=”#000″ image_border_width=”2″ image_margin=”10px 1 10px 0″ testimonial_user_name=”Keith Millar” testimonial_user_company=”No Oil Paintings” testimonial_user_text_color=”#000″ testimonial_user_company_text_color=”#000″ testimonial_quotation_mark_color=”#ddd” heading=”Keith Millar” title=”Keith”]No Oil Paintings are very pleased with what Creative Wavelength delivered and we look forward to the website being a key part of our marketing for years to come.[/cs_eacs_testimonial_item][/cs_eacs_testimonial_slider]

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Our website design process flow has been tried and tested with fantastic success. If you have your content ready, you're ready for a new website to impress your customers and reach new ones. If you don't have content or need new content for SEO purposes you can ask about that here

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