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Imagine your website custom made to reflect your brand identity and connect with your customers. That's what our premier web design packages include. Fully scalable & expert SEO analysis on your competitors included so your SEO foundation is off to a strong start. 


On a budget or starting off? How about an easy to edit, great looking website with premium software included designed to make your site run fast, secure & affordable monthly Wordpress service packages 

Mobile Responsive Website design

If your website isn't mobile optimised, you're losing customers.

As much as 80% of web traffic could be mobile by 2020. If you sell to the public or want to be found on google - You need a mobile responsive website. Our analytics for Business to customer based websites average around 60% traffic users and a whopping 70% on average minimum are making purchases on mobile eCommerce websites.

Creative Wavelength websites are designed for mobile first, ensuring the best user experience across all devices. The focus being on

A) User experience / Ease of use - Frustration free
B) Speed / Page Download size  - Not every mobile user is on WiFi!
C) Navigation - Every page easily found - Priority pages focused

Mobile Responsive

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Search engine optimisation - keyword optimisation

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is making your website matchup to what your customers are searching for and what google is expecting to see.

Without good search engine optimisation - the only people who'll find your website are those who are searching specifically for your website. If you're looking to grow your business online, this isn't just isn't enough

Search engines, keywords, organic growth vs paid traffic, backlinks, whitehat / blackhat SEO - there is an entire industry built on the confusion that is SEO

Included in premier web design packages & service packages is our advanced SEO service. Our premium software will analyse your weak pages & strengths to build on them. 

Analytics & Digital Marketing

A good web designer understands the importance of analytics and designing for analytics. Creative Wavelength is actively working towards Google Partner status & is Google Analytics & Google AdWords certified.

Make informed business decisions at every step of your websites lifespan, from the very first clicks to that huge multi platform campaign you launched last week, you'll have google analytics with you every step of the way as it's installed & setup included in the price of every website designed. 

Have an E-Commerce site, need campaigns tracked for effectiveness? Need to know what products have the best CTR, purchase rate? Need informed analytics advice? All included in our business + packages and beyond. 

Digital Marketing Analytics
Search engine optimisation - keyword optimisation

Local SEO

Let's say you own a steak restaurant and a potential customer is walking on the high street surrounded by you & your competitors . They type into their phone looking for the best 'steak restaurant' in town on google. 

Your competitor has their business optimised with Local SEO and appears on their feed with reviews and ratings. Your business is not and has no online presence besides a facebook page hidden under the masses of local SEO optimised businesses.

Guess which steak restaurant your tech savvy potential customer is going to spend their money at? 

This among other reasons is why

A) Having a strongly optimised Local SEO is important

B) Why it should be maintained and looked after. We'll set your business up with Local SEO for an additional fee for startup sites or included in the cost for premier website packages. We'll then give the advice for how to stay on top or climb to it. 

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Having extensively tested and used multiple content management systems throughout the years. Wordpress is the favourite by a long stretch, did you know over 25% of the web is designed & hosted on Wordpress websites? 

We primarily use which is opensource software, along with countless hours invested into learning multiple coding languages, design styes and the best possible premium software to fast track our websites ahead of the competition as a wordpress website designer. 

If you already have a Wordpress website that you feel just isn't cutting it, maybe its not modern anymore or is slowing down. Or maybe you just want to take advantage of the hundreds of advantages offered here such as search engine optimisation,  website offsite backups, fully mobile optimised, fast & secure - the list really does go on - Creative Wavelength is happy to offer a Wordpress redesign package which is a decent discount off the cost of a brand new website. Websites must be active for more than 1 year to apply for this discount. Contact now for details 

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