Why WordPress is a perfect match for your business


Wordpress – The most used CMS on the internet

WordPress, you might have heard of it. You might have even created an account on the wordpress.com website. So what makes it special?

  • Best for SEO out of the box
  • Great for content
  • Can be completely modified – unlike counterparts like Squarespace, Wix, Shopify etc which have very rigid set foundations as to their business structure. A wordpress website offers the best foundation for any digital business.
  • Easy to Use and learn CMS

CMS – Also known as content management system. It’s what allows everyday users and business owners to manage their designed websites without any knowledge of coding or how websites are structured. Without it you would need to learn HTML, understand javascript scripts, dabble in PHP and realistically have no time left to run your business.

We use WordPress to design our clients websites as we find it’s the best solution for client handoffs, it’s one of the most versatile and easy CMS to use and is fantastic for SEO being built for content first. Whilst WordPress is the CMS we use, it’s a heavily modified version custom specified to each clients request, also with Creative Wavelength web design comes a plethora of vital plugins and extensions needed to keep your website secured and fully SEO optimized.

WordPress websites make up approximately 26% of the internet today, while this makes for an incredible open source community and a huge supply of plugins and extensions to make anything possible with WordPress, it also opens the doors for security loopholes.

Hackers have techniques to find brand new WordPress installs within 30 minutes of creation and use this vulnerable time in which most new users have no idea about security precautions to attack the website. However as part of Creative Wavelength web design policy we not only keep track of details like this, we actively work against them, every website designed has active security in place from installation, we also offer advanced security in our annual or monthly WordPress support service plans.

Another note to make is the CMS in use is from WordPress.org which is not the same as wordpress.com which is hosted on its own server and has its own website hosting plans & limitations in place.

If you’re interested in a custom designed WordPress website or in need of servicing for your website. Get in contact with us today for a free quote